Celebrating FNMI Culture - 2015 PRSD Hand Games Competition

Celebrating FNMI Culture - 2015 PRSD Hand Games Competition

On Friday May 1, 2015, hundreds of Peace River School Division (PRSD) students from grades 4 to 12 students will join for PRSD’s Annual Pakisiwin (Hand) Games Competition to be held at Peace River High School.

Hand games are dated back thousands of years in FNMI history and can also be known as the “bone game” or “hand stick game”. The game was originally created from the need for conflict resolution and was developed as an alternative to aggression or war. The game helps to develop personal and group transformation and work toward the realization of common goals.

The Pakisiwin (Hand) Games competition teaches students good sportsmanship, how to relate to one and other, leadership, cooperation and the physical skills of dexterity, eye-hand coordination and agility. The PRSD Hand Game Competition is a high-spirited event that brings students across the division together to honour and celebrate this important FNMI tradition.

Participating schools include; Fairview High School, Grimshaw High School, Kennedy Elementary School, Manning Elementary School, Dixonville School, TA Norris Middle School, Peace River High School, Red Earth Creek School and Springfield Elementary School.

PRSD thanks all involved in coordinating this important divisional event.